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Who Are Us

Mawlavi Ring has been made  to meet The Mawlavi lovers and the ones interested in Mawlawi teaching and practices being aware of the fact that the world  recently needs unity, solidarity, love, compassion and fidelity more than anything else.

It is built not only to share information about Mawlavi teaching and practises and  to share the attitude on the way of maturation  but also to meet the beloved ones who already know the way with the ones who have just stepped on the way, to experience Love and Sufizm under the protection of Hz . Pir, for  the ones who have ravened and who are searching, essentially to meet the fellow travellers.

What we wish to happen is  to be able to one of his beloved ones and his dervish brothers, to be enlighted by his teachings and divine radiance, to live under his auspices and  affection…To be in unity  with the fellow travellers and  with the beloved ones who are manifestations of his divine beauty.

The wisdom of Mevlana is a mean to practise spirituality. We use physics, chemistry and biology to discover our world. However, natural sciences provide us with the information of the physical world  we conceive with our five senses. We are in need of a spiritual teacher by the help of whom we perceive the  esotoric  reality  that we cannot understand by our five senses. Hz. Mevlana has granted us with Mesnevi-Serif stating that ‘After me, your guide will be Mesnevi’.

Mescid ü meyhânede çağırırım dost dost

Ka’be vü büthânede çağırırım dost dost

As it is stated in this distich, the mature person searches for Allah everywhere. We wish Allah lets us be companions with his companions.

Herkesî ez zannı hod şüd yâr-i men

Ve’z derûn-ı men necüst esrâr-ı men

His cry ‘All  has supposed to be lovers with me but no one has perceived the depth in me’  was perceived by his acquantances  as a cry that resulted from the effects of his surrounding.

In fact, they do not know what caused his cry. We wish Allah lets us seize Hz. Pir’s mystery.

Thus, we  greet respectfully all Çelebiyân-i Kiram, Zevi'l ihtiram, meşayih-i hulefâ, dedegân, dervîşân, hâzırân, gaaibân, dûstân, muhibbân ve fukarâ-i mazi râ, the  ones who are on this long and formidable way and the ones who have  worked hard on this way to make it known. Hu. 

Mawlavi Ring

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