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How To Register?

It is possible to register Mawlavi Ring with a valid e-mail adres to follow the events, to be a member and to see all the people and places around the world.

1. Click on the Create An Account tab under the Login Form. Fill in the form using a valid e-mail adress.

2. Activitate your account clicking the approval link in your mail.

3. You may enter the site using the user name and password you have created.

4. You may search for  the people and institutions using the new links or you may add your personal info clicking on Find People tab, you may give information about your charity or organisation clicking on  Find Places tab.

5. You may  announce your events clicking on Events tab.

6. You may be informed  of the current news by being a member of news.

7. If you want to give advertisement for your web site, please mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. adress.


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