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Terms And Conditions


This contract is between Mawlavi Ring and the web site members. The members of Mawlavi Ring guarantee they have read, approved and accepted the terms of conract hereby.

1. Definitions
In this context ,the abbreviation Mawlavi Ring defines
www.mawlaviring.com, and the abbreviated names define the members who have become a member of Mawlavi Ring under all terms and conditions.

2. Content
Mawlavi Ring has been made to meet all the Mawlavi’s in the world. The ones who see themselves as lovers of Mawlana can register, share their contact information and and announce their events.

However, memberships and announced events are only shared information and we do not filter the announcements. The truthfulness and quality of the events and their connection with the teaching of Mawlana belongs to the registered member who has made the announcement.

The lists are organised according to the date of membership. The content also includes a special search engine so that we can make searches according to different criterias such as names, cities and countries.

The shared info under the names of people and places includes the information the people send to our database, if the names and the institutions which are not in the list are seen on the page, it means that they have not contacted with us yet.

The event you have chosen to participate is completely your responsibility. Please, review the events. The members are responsible forthe  downloaded information which includes the products/ works and opions and literature belonging to third people secured by patent and  copyrighted.

The tenancy of shared information by the members belong to Mawlavi Ring.

3. Application For Membership
You have to register and be a member to be actively in the Mawlavi Ring site.

A valid e-mail adress and personal information are needed to apply for the membership.

İt is significant to use a valid and accurant e-mail adress as it will provide us to make a contact with you. The invalid registers will be deleted from the system in time.

4. The Administration Authority
The Mawlavi Ring administration has the right to delete or change  the messeges, texts or videos that are irrelavent to the subject or against law. The administarion does not have to inform the message owner about it.

The members who act against law and the ones who give harm to the site by the messages they send will be temporarily or permenantly removed from the site.

5. Advertisement Policy
The trustworthiness and accuracy of the advertisement published on the website belongs to advertisement publishers. Mawlavi ring does not give guarantee on the related subject and it can not be held responsible for the possible dangers arising from the published advertisement.

6. Terms of Privacy
It is accessible for everyone to reach your personal info ( name, surname, occupation) you have entered in Mawlavi Ring.  You may change your personal info any time you want to.

7. Cancellation of Membership
You may cancel your Mawlavi Ring membership any time you want. When you cancel your membership, all personal info belonging to you will be removed. The registration of the cancelled memberships will be held by the administration of the website and the will of removing  this information is rejected.

8. Surfing on the Mawlavi Ring and The Cookies
Cookies  are short word files  that are sent to the user computers  aims a faster usage  of visitors . Cookies  will not be used as a mean to collect personal info.



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